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L-Connect 3

How to turn off all the LEDs?

Two ways to turn off:
  1. Set brightness to 0%.
  2. Set as black color.

Automation update failed.

If firmware update failed, please try update manually.
Guide for manual update firmware.

Does L-Connect 3 support STRIMER PLUS?

To recognize STRIMER PLUS in L-Connect 3 requires a new controller, for more information please view STRIMER PLUS V2.

Can't succesfully sync RGB to motherboard, I have installed a third party software, ex. SignalRGB...

Third party software is conflict to L-Connect 3, which cause uncontrollable issue. Please remove third party software to control with L-Connect 3.

Just updated to L-Connect 3 from L-Connect 2 or L-Connect 1, L-Connect 3 can't control anything.

Please folow guide to complete remove the old version and install the new version.

L-Connect 3 is experiencing issues.

Please install Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable to enhance compatibility for L-Connect 3 with Windows.

L-Connect 3 is using heavy CPU load.

We suggest to keep sensor display at a maximum of 3 for UNI FAN TL LCD to reduce CPU usage.



Which fan header shall I connect to?

    • Recommend you connect the controller’s PWM cable to the system/chassis fan header (not the CPU nor pump fan header).
    • You could wire the fan’s PWM cable to the CPU header directly if you use UNI FANs for your AIO.

How to check if UNI FAN is connected to PC or not?

- Check your [Computer Management] → [Device Manager] - If your MB detected UNI FAN, it would show [LIAN LI] under [Universal Serial Bus Device] - If there are error under [Universal Serial Bus Controllers], please contact your MB company for help. -Check if all 3 cables of the controller are correctly connected to the MB. Switch another USB2.0 header if necessary. view

I don't have enough RGB port and I don’t want my fans sync to MB, do I need to connect the 5V ARGB cable?

If you are not connecting 5V ARGB cable from the controller, you can only control the RGB from L-Connect.

Selected PWM mode on L-Connect, but fan speed doesn't sync to motherboard.

Please enter your MB BIOS and select the connected fan header to PWM mode (not DC mode nor Auto mode).
View example.

The new UNI FAN SL comes with a sticker, can I get an extra one or buy one?

Fan stickers are not available seperatly.

The led color of UNI FAN SL and AL suddenly change to a different color after using a while.

UNI FAN Connecttion Pad
UNI FAN Connecttion Pad
There might be some dirt on the pin to pad connection. Please disconnect the fan and clean the pin to pad connection with alcohol or eraser.


I have both 120mm and 140mm, the 140mm spins slower.

Set the fan size at the Fan/ Pump profile to the corresponding fan size to obtain accurate fan speed.


There are two SATA cable, which one should we plug?

Recommend to plug both on different SATA cable, as close to the PSU as possible, do not connect other device to the same SATA cable.

How to set fans to PWM mode?

Go to Fan / Pump RPM page and turn on MB mother sync

Which controller shall I connect?

All UNI FAN SL-INF 120 / 140 and 120/ 140 reverse blade supports the same SL-Infinity controller.


Unable to control the TL LCD screen suddenly.

Start the L-Connect 3 background service by following the provided steps.

The L-Connect 3 doesn't detect TL series fans.

  1. Ensure that you are using version v2.X.X.
  2. Make sure to connect the USB 2.0 9-PIN of TL controller directly to the motherboard, do not use a splitter.
  3. Make sure that the connector of the TL LCD fan is connect to the pin side. Reference image

UNI FAN TL LCD screen is laggy and sometime flashes.

Ensure that the TL LCD fans are not connected to the 1st port.

Connected more than 7 TL fans to a port, the fan speed isn't stablize and the white color LED turns yellow.

Make sure to connect the power adapter to SATA to ensure stable operation.

One of LCD screen is not displaying after FW update.

  1. Ensure that it is connected to port 2/3/4 on the controller.
  2. If it doesn't work, remove the power cable and connect it directly to the fan that is not displaying. Start to do FW update for single fan again.

TL LCD screen is flickering

If your TL LCD screen is flickering, we recommend that you download the latest driver from Nvidia or AMD's chip manufacturer.

TL LCD and the controller lose the USB connection time to time.

This happend to some AMD motherboard, please folow below steps to fix.
  1. Remove all LIAN LI controller USB cable manually
  2. Update motherboard BIOS to the latest version
  3. Download AMD latest chipset driver. Quick Link B550 , X570
  4. Reboot the PC and turn off again and connect all the USB cable and restart

The fan signal is abnormal, causing the LCD screen to loose display occationally or the LED strips not fully illuminated.

Please loosen the screws of the fan for the signal to pass through successfully.

Strimer Plus

How to sync Strimer plus 24 pin ARGB to my motherboard?

Push and hold M1 button for 3 seconds.

Strimer Plus V2

How many extention cables can be connected to the controller?

One controller only supports 1 motherboard cable (24-PIN) + 1 GPU cable (8-PIN or 3×8-PIN)

Strimer Plus V2 8-PIN and 3×8-PIN only supports a 5V ARGB header to motherboard, but the motherboard doesn't have enough 5V ARGB header.

Please purchace a exclusive controller box (included in 24-PIN as well), if there is no need to sync lighting effects to motherboard, don't need to connect the 5V ARGB header to the motherboard.

Galahad II Trinity

I have a Galahad II Trinity 360 AIO, the last fan doesn't have lighting effect.

Please download L-Connect 3 and set the fan number at GA II Trinity (R) > Extend ARGB header left bottom section.

Galahad II LCD

First time installing GA II LCD and experiencing black screen on the pump.

1. Connect the USB type C header to the pump firmly. Ensure it clicks into place without any gap.

2. Connect the USB type C cable directly to the motherboard's 9-pin USB header.

The pump noise is audible.

The GA II LCD AIO utilizes Asetek's 8th Gen pump, originally capped at a maximum speed of 2600 RPM. To address the growing demand for CPU heat dissipation, we have unlocked the pump's maximum speed to 3600 RPM.

We suggest using L-connect 3 build-in pump/fan profile function to set PWM curve, finding the optimal balance between noise and performance. The pump motor operates efficiently at 2200 to 2500 RPM for regular use, maintaining a friendly noise level.

Screen recording is not functionable.

Please completely remove the old version of L-Connect 3, refer steps here.

Unable to control the GA II LCD screen suddenly.

Please start L-Connect 3 background service, follow steps.

Failed firmware update resulting in a black screen

Please manually update the firmware by referring to the guide.

At every system reboot, the GA II LCD screen stops at the LIAN LI logo display, and the screen can't be controlled. I have confirmed that the USB type C is firmly plugged in, and the 9-PIN is directly connected to the motherboard. To resolve the issue, I need to restart the PC.

Here are the steps to update GA II LCD firmware to permanently fix the issue. Please refrain from updating the firmware unless you are experiencing this specific issue.



Can Noctua NH-D15 fit in LANCOOL 205?

Noctua NH-D15 : Width 161 mm / Height 165 mm.
NH-D15 could not fit in with Lancool 205 ATX.

What kind of screws go in to the standoffs for the motherboard?

The screw is M3 thread x Length 6.5mm.

How much is the clearance of the front radiator mounting space?

If assemble the radiator behind the front removable
fan bracket, the max thickness (with fan) would be 46.6mm.

What are the dimensions of the glass panel its self?

LANCOOL 205 glass panel: Height 375.6mm X Width 380.5mm x thickness 4mm
LANCOOL 205M glass panel: Height 380.6mmX Height 377.6mm x thickness 4m


What's the clearance for a top mounted radiator of LANCOOL II?

The clearance for top radiator with fans is 55mm (max.)

Can't find accessory box in LANCOOL II.

The accessory box is in the HDD tray

How to sync ARGB of LANCOOL II to motherboard?

Push M button 7 times that comes to the 8th mode to sync the motherboard.

Type-C installation holes are too large on both sides to screw in.

Please screw the top one from the other side

What is the maximum size of CPU air cooler for a 135mm wide GPU at vertical installation with lan II-1X?

A CPU air cooler within 120mm wide would fit.


How to sync ARGB of LANCOOL II Mesh to motherboard?

Push M button 7 times that comes to the 8th mode to sync the motherboard.

Can I utilize the reserved ARGB cable from front IO for AIO pump ARGB LEDs?

Yes, the reserved ARGB header from front IO could be used for not just LED strip. With the help of adaptor included in Galahad AIO, you could connect the reserved ARGB output with AIO pump ARGB connector.

Can I use splitters and connect more fans to front IO?

Yes, the ARGB connector on the front IO supports up to 90 LED beads. Each LANCOOL II Mesh ARGB fans has 8 beads. 

UNI FAN can't fit on top of the PSU shroud.

You have to install the UNI FAN seperatly to fit on the PSU shroud.

What is the maximum size of CPU air cooler for a 135mm wide GPU at vertical installation with lan II-1X?

A CPU air cooler within 120mm wide would fit.

How many LED beads are there in one fan?

Each LANCOOL II RGB Mesh fan has 8 beads.

How many beads does 5v3pin output on front IO supports?

This specific header support 19 LEDs


What type is O11D Razer Type C cable

Providing USB 3.2 Gen 2 x 1 (10G) cable.

My glass has scratch when I open the box

The protect sheets are on both sides , please make sure to remove the inside one as well.

What is the screw size for SSD back plate? I lost mine.

Screw size is 6#32, length 7.5mm


Can't find accessory box in O11D XL.

The accessory box is in the HDD tray.

How to sync ARGB of O11D XL to motherboard?

Push M button 7 times that comes to the 8th mode to sync the motherboard.

What is the screw size that holds SSD back plate? I lost mine.

Screw size is 6#32, length 7.5mm


I want to mount my rear 120mm fan on vertical GPU kit, what is the maximum height clearence for the GPU?

130mm, not limited without 120mm rear fan

What is the PCIE slot thumbscrew size?

Screw size is 6#32


Which case fits my 40 series graphic card?

Is there any metal panel available?

Not available for purchase

Where can I get extra rubber grummets?

Not available for purchase

I broke my glass, where I can buy another one?

Please contact us via warranty claim form. Tech support team will help you out.

Can we share the controller of UNI FAN SLV2/ ALV2/ SL-INF?

No, each controller has different chip set that will generate different led color and fan speed. Would not recommend to use the same controller.

I have too many LIAN LI devices, the motherboard doesn't have enough USB port.

LIAN LI offers USB 2.0 1-to-3 Hub (Type A Male Port) and USB 2.0 1-to-3 HUB to connect multiple USB device. However, would recommend to connect TL series controller directly to motherboard.



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