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Can Noctua NH-D15 fit in LANCOOL 205?

Noctua NH-D15 : Width 161 mm / Height 165 mm.
NH-D15 could not fit in with Lancool 205 ATX.

What kind of screws go in to the standoffs for the motherboard?

The screw is M3 thread x Length 6.5mm.

How much is the clearance of the front radiator mounting space?

If assemble the radiator behind the front removable
fan bracket, the max thickness (with fan) would be 46.6mm.

What are the dimensions of the glass panel its self?

LANCOOL 205 glass panel: Height 375.6mm X Width 380.5mm x thickness 4mm
LANCOOL 205M glass panel: Height 380.6mmX Height 377.6mm x thickness 4m


What's the clearance for a top mounted radiator of LANCOOL II?

The clearance for top radiator with fans is 55mm (max.)

Can't find accessory box in LANCOOL II.

The accessory box is in the HDD tray

How to sync ARGB of LANCOOL II to motherboard?

Push M button 7 times that comes to the 8th mode to sync the motherboard.


How to sync ARGB of LANCOOL II Mesh to motherboard?

Push M button 7 times that comes to the 8th mode to sync the motherboard.

Can I utilize the reserved ARGB cable from front IO for AIO pump ARGB LEDs?

Yes, the reserved ARGB header from front IO could be used for not just LED strip. With the help of adaptor included in Galahad AIO, you could connect the reserved ARGB output with AIO pump ARGB connector.

Can I use splitters and connect more fans to front IO?

Yes, the ARGB connector on the front IO supports up to 90 LED beads. Each LANCOOL II Mesh ARGB fans has 8 beads. 


What type is O11D Razer Type C cable

Providing USB 3.2 Gen 2 x 1 (10G) cable.

My glass has scratch when I open the box

The protect sheets are on both sides , please make sure to remove the inside one as well.


Can't find accessory box in O11D XL.

The accessory box is in the HDD tray.

How to sync ARGB of O11D XL to motherboard?

Push M button 7 times that comes to the 8th mode to sync the motherboard.


Is it possible to buy a tempered glass to interexchange the aluminum side panel for TU150?

They are not compatible due to the thickness differences.


UNI FAN SL120/140

My UNI FAN isn’t working.

  • Check your “Computer Management” → “Device Manager”
  • If your MB detected UNI FAN, it would show “LIAN LI” under “Universal Serial Bus Device”
  • If there are error under “Universal Serial Bus Controllers”, please contact your MB company for help.
  • Check if all 3 cables of the controller are correctly connected to the MB. Switch another USB2.0 header if necessary.
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I can’t control my UNI FAN with L-connect

  • If you can see “LIAN LI” at the device manger, re-install your L-Connect as an Administrator.
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UNIFAN went back default mode after restart

  • The settings are written in L-Connect software, you have to run L-Connect to get your settings.
  • Please set L-Connect running as the computer starts. Following steps:
    1. Click “Windows” + “R”
    2. Enter : “shell:startup”
    3. Click “OK”
    4. Copy your “L-Connect” to “Startup” file
    5. Restart your PC
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Which fan header shall I connect to?

  • Recommend you connect the controller’s PWM cable to the system/chassis fan header (not the CPU nor pump fan header).
  • You could wire the fan’s PWM cable to the CPU header directly if you use UNI FANs for your AIO.
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UNI FAN does not sync to the PWM signal

  • Please enter your MB BIOS to check if your fan header is at PWM mode (not DC mode nor Auto mode).
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How to sync Strimer plus 24 pin ARGB to my motherboard?

Push and hold M1 button for 3 seconds.



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