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USB 2.0 1-to-3 HUB

  • Enables to connect additional 3 USB 2.0 devices to the motherboard
  • Installation friendly with the cable straps on the hub.

USB 2.0 1-to-3 HUB

Motherboard internal 9-PIN USB 2.0 1 male to 3 female splitters.


Despite the limited number of USB headers on the motherboard, hosting 3 controllers in your system is achievable by converting one USB2.0 9-PIN header into three fool-proof design ports. You are now ready to connect 2 kinds of UNI FAN and a set STRIMER PLUS V2 at the same time.

LIAN LI Controller Compatible list: 

  • UNI FAN SL Controller
  • UNI FAN AL Controller
  • UNI FAN SL-INF Controller
  • STRIMER L-Connect 3 Controller
  • UNI FAN SL V2 Controller



The built-in chipset the HUB stabilizes the signal of all connecting devices, offering data transmission without interference.


Featuring Velcro straps on the HUB to hold the cables the other way around, benefiting tiny space for cable management.

Offering extra long cables for large cases to route the cables at the 2nd chamber.

Includes an adhesive magnetic pad to attach the HUB to the PC case.


Product NameUSB2.0 1 to 3 HUB
Model NamePW-U2HB
DimensionMale Cable: 140mm
Female Cable: 3 × 140mm
HUB: 60mm(L) ×39mm(D) ×11mm (H)