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Upgrade Your UNI FAN SL-V2 to get $10 Steam Card
Are you the owner of UNI FAN SL series?
Get a $10 gift card if you are going to replace with UNI FAN SL V2!

To celebrate the launch of UNI FAN SL-V2, we are going to giveaway 300 sets US$10 Steam Gift Card to those who replace their old SL fans with the new SL-V2 fans.

Upgraded features on UNI FAN SL-V2
  • Increase thickness to 28mm results to 10% Airflow improvement 
  • Minimize the power module to plug in the fans and connect to the controller only with one cable
  • New bridge-style daisy chain that supports 6 fans per fans cluster
  • 4 new light effects and add “Merge” function to 5 lighting effects
  • Updating appearance with sleek lighting diffuser and rear aluminum medallion

Check more new features of UNI FAN SL-V2▶

This giveaway runs globally, and the form will be closed on December 15th, 2022 11:59pm. We will randomly pick 300 new owners and send the US$10 Steam Gift Card.