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There have been concerns over a drop in heat dissipation performance for earlier Galahad AIO units after usage of 1-2 years. We were made aware of this issue in 2022 Q1 when we retrieved defective units from users. We sent these units back to our supplier for verification, and confirmed that some Galahad 240/360 units were affected. The issue was that some of the units went through a 2nd time soldering (flux repair) for the radiator, and QC missed that the residue might corrode with coolant over time resulting in failure possibility. The supplier had fixed the manufacturing process in 2021 OCT to make sure no corrosion occurred within coolant and no flux residue within the radiator. LIAN LI also immediately enforced a zero tolerance for 2nd time soldering of the radiator and required a thorough QC process for each batch of coolant used in Galahad. Therefore, the Galahad units produced after 2022 Q1 should not have these issues.

Since 2022 Q1, we have also internally prioritized the RMA process for Galahad AIO for users affected. Any customer that reports a decline in heat dissipation performance were sent a replacement unit. By doing so, we make sure users that are affected are taken care of as fast as possible. We will continue to follow this policy until every affected user is taken care of.

We are continuing to learn and improve to avoid such issues in the future, and we do sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

For all users concerned, we advise that all Galahad 240/360 units purchased before March of 2022 to have their performance checked. The replacement process can be accessed here.  Please check the units’ SN code to be eligible for product replacement. The product SN code can be found:

We thank you for your continuous patience and support.