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RGB 24 PIN cable.Glamorous Neon lights effects, Ultimate Faith in PC DIY,Strimer has two thick layers up to 1.5cm,Two Ways:Support Motherboard the same lighting effect,Strimer packed with the PCI bracket type lighting effect controller.Magnificent,Enable the components inside of the chassis glorious.12 Strings ,Fine Optic Fiber Line.Strimer length widely for 24 cm.

The last sparkling thing you desire to see in the PC Components

In the Modding World, inside of the limited space of the Chassis
Artisans create their own specific marvelous ideas
Train their special techniques
By using time and their gaze to build masterpieces
Collecting the glories from claps
Strimer, we know what Artisans want

Glamorous Neon lights effects

Like a rainbow waterfall flows
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple
It is a shining rainbow from the front of Motherboard

Ultimate Faith in PC DIY

Players’ outstanding thoughts is the engine of the DIY market
Providing the Creative hardware is the essential fuel of the DIY market
We lead the 24 Pin RGB PSU cable to explore the limitation
Satisfaction of PC Modding imagination

1.5 CM
Strimer has two thick layers up to 1.5cm

Requires enough space behind the motherboard tray

Optic Fiber layer and Power Supply layer perfectly separate

2 layers structure independent design Allow Strimer’s circuit flows steady and no interference

Strimer Optic Fiber layer Electricity and lighting effects controlled and supplied independently

Power Supply layer harmless connected ATX Power supply with the 24 pin socket of Motherboard


Support Motherboard the same lighting effect

Support 5v ARGB enabled motherboard
Synchronize with motherboard for integrating control

Strimer packed with the PCI bracket type lighting effect controller

Simple and easy customization without using motherboard controlling


Enable the components inside of the chassis glorious

Fine Optic Fiber Line

Exclusively use high quality optic fiber material
Insure lighting transmission not only smoothly but evenly
12 diminutive LED illuminators weld perfectly with optic fiber interface
Optical lighting secured

24 CM
Strimer length widely for 24 cm

Connect to the latest ATX
Compatible for the goods
Fulfill players for the diversified needs of cables



ModelStrimer 24pin
Type24-pin PSU extension cable
Dimensions240mm x 53mm x 15mm
PCI BracketAddressable RGB controller included