Important Notice


1. Connect the USB type C header to the pump firmly. Ensure it clicks into place without a gap.

2. Connect the USB type C cable to the motherboard 9-pin USB header directly or use Lian Li USB 2.0 1-to-3 HUB, using another splitter is not recommended due to insufficient power.

3. Update the firmware to v1.3 by going to L-Connect 3 V2 > Settings > update > check > download. If firmware update status remains at “the 100% loading” for over 1 min, please close L-Connect 3 V2 and reboot it. Starting to update firmware again.

4. If the LCD screen stays on the Lian Li logo screen and cannot be controlled with L-Connect 3 or when using L-Connect 3 to perform firmware update, the progress remains at 0 for over 1 min. Please try manually firmware update. (Download tool)

5. Make sure that your system is connected to wifi or internet before updating firmware.

6. Make sure that your chipset driver & USB driver is up to date.

TL Series User

1.Make sure to update TL series controller to 0.58 version in L-connect 3 by going to settings ➔ update ➔ download

2. Connect TL LCD fans on controller port 2, 3, 4 only

3. Controller should be plugged directly into the motherboard. For additional USB-connected products, please use the LIAN LI USB 2.0 1-to-3 (Type A male port) splitter. Refer to tutorial video

4. When connecting 7 or more TL fans in a daisy chain, ensure RPM stability by using an additional power adapter connected to SATA. This adapter is exclusively included in the TL Triple pack.

5. Please update TL LCD firmware if you are encountering JPG file or rotation function unable to memory, follow guide.

If download failed, please try link

Current version: v2.0.17 Posted: 07/15/2024