Current version

L-Connect 3
v1.3.16 , Posted: 08-05-2022

F/W Controller
SL : v1.8 , Posted : 04-13-2022
AL : v1.7 , Posted : 04-12-2022
SL-INF : v0.8 , Posted : 06-17-2022
Strimer Plus V2 : v1.2 , Posted : 04-25-2022

L3 v1.3.16

Posted: 08-05-2022

  • Fix software at minimized and fan speed controlling issue.

L3 v1.3.10

Posted: 07-22-2022

  • firmware updated
  • UNI FAN SL-INFINITY : Reveal fan speed on UI Port_1 while using ASUS motherboard. Please update to the latest version and connect 4 PIN PWM CABLE to FAN_1 Port on the motherboard. Please check your motherboard manual to find the location of FAN_1 Port.
  • Fix the issue of factory reset on reboot.

L3 v1.2.6

Posted: 06-16-2022

  • Manual update firmware tool: applicable to all update fails and old versions
  • The error of CPU & GPU temperature readings.
  • Fan speed controlling issue.
  • STRIMER PLUS lighting effect restart isssue.
  • Firmware update fix.
  • Improve lighting effect transiting lag.

L3 v1.1.9

Posted: 05-09-2022

  • Optimise GPU and CPU tempurature reading.
  • Fix system info display when motherboard sync is on.

L3 v1.1.4

Posted: 04-30-2022

  • Add Motherboard PWM Sync. ->Fan/Pump RPM  
  • Improved precision of reading temperature.
  • Adding digital signature.
  • Recusing anti virus detecting malware.

L3 v1.0.7

Posted: 04-12-2022

F/W Update

Strimer Plus V2 : v1.2 , Posted: 04-25-2022

SL : v1.8 , Posted: 04-13-2022

  • Fixed a bug of the blue blink when clicking to name the device from Settings > Device.

Future Versions

Posted: 04-15-2022

  • Seems that the brightness is lower than using L-Connect 2. We have slightly lowered the brightness to better protect LEDs’ life expectancy. For the future version, we will adjust the brightness back and only lower on static color mode (white color).
  • Need User Account Control permission on every restart. We’re applying a digital signature, will improve in the future version.
  • Red LED appeared when lower 75% of the brightness at static white.
    We’re working on this current issue, will have an updated version to fix it soon.
  • Colors setting in the color palette don’t export with the lighting settings.
    We’re working on this current issue, will have an updated version to fix it soon.
  • Connecting 2 same models of controllers will crash when syncing to the motherboard.
    We’re working on this current issue, please avoid sync to the motherboard when connecting more than 2 same model of controllers now. Will have an updated version to fix it soon.