L-Connect 3 Overview and Beta Program

The first version of L-Connect was launched back in August of 2020, and since then, we’ve launched L-Connect 2 to support more lighting effects, multiple controllers and UNI FAN AL120. We’re now on our way to launching L-Connect 3, offering many improvements such as:

  • System information display
  • Custom fan profile creation
  • Quick sync across multiple devices
  • STRIMER PLUS control and lighting customization
  • Auto-update detection

Check out the Digital Expo video to see the full overview of L-Connect 3 

If you want to be one of the first people to test out these new features, we are now running an L-Connect 3 beta user program to collect feedback and finetune the software before launch. Any user who owns both UNI FANs and STRIMER PLUS can apply for this program by filling out the form below. 

Users who are selected will receive a new STRIMER PLUS controller and the download for L-Connect 3. Support will be provided for any technical problems or questions during the installation and use of L-Connect 3, and users will be expected to provide feedback by March 15, 2022.

System Info

Review the hardware status in one-stop location, effectively control the speed.

System Info 01 Resourse
System Info 02 Specs

Fan/Pump RPM

Create personalized fan profile and define each fan curve for ultimate operation

  1. Fan Speed Setting: Set each controller (UNI HUB) connected fan to fan curve according to the fan profile.
  2. Set the fan curve according to the temperature of the CPU or GPU
  3. Customized Markers Mode: 5 markers to drag the speed and temperature conditions
  4. Drag the point to set the temperature or type the temperature in box
  5. Start/ Stop Mode: Set the fan start up temperature, to prevent component damage, fans must be started “below” 50℃. (SL and AL fans not supported)
  6. Fixed Speed Mode: No matter what the temperature is, the fan speed will be fixed. Reference as below.(F)

When Fixed Speed mode and Start/ Stop mode is on, user can type in the fan start up temperature.

Quick/Sync Lighting

Apply lighting effects across all devices with in one page, or sync all via motherboard software.

Quick - Sync Lighting
Quick - Sync Lighting – NB Sync

The software will not be applicable when sync to motherboard software is on.

SL Fan Lighting

Adjust the fan speed, LED colors, brightness and lighting effects with ease.

SL Fan Lighting Page

Define your own palette

  1. (A) Select color from the palette
    (B) Restore factory settings.
  1. Color will be changed on the palette and saved, when modifying color.

  1. Fill in the box to set the LED color. The box number depends on the lighting effect.

(A) Sync with the selected color.

Control the number of fans


Select to control the number of fans in the group

AL Fan Lighting

Hundreds of lighting effects combinations can be accomplished with setting fan blade lighting effects and the fan frame inner edge lighting effects separately.


Two kinds of lighting effects setting:

  1. (A) Complete Mode
    • (B) Individual Setting Mode- fan blade LED
    • (C) Individual Setting Mode- inner fan frame LED

Strimer Plus Lighting

Each Strimer features individually controllable light channels for even more possible light effects. With the 24-pin at 6 channels, the Dual 8-pin at 4 channels, and the triple 8-pin at 6 channels, multiple, highly customizable light effects can be combined within the same cable via L-Connect 3.

(A) Double click to define the name.

Strimer Plus Lighting
StrimerPlus 3x8.

STRIMER PLUS 24 PIN and 3×8 PIN has 6 channels of LEDs
(each channel with 2 diffusers)

StrimerPlus 2x8.

STRIMER PLUS 2×8 PIN has 4 channels of LEDs
(each channel with 2 diffusers)

StrimerPlus mode

LED Mode

Two kinds of lighting effects setting:
(A) Complete Setting
(B) Individual Setting

StrimerPlus controll

Individual Setting:
(A) Select All
(B) Clear selection
(C) Show the name of lighting effects of each channel.
(D) Select specific channels(01,03,05) to set the same lighting effect.

StrimerPlus apply

Apply settings

Apply: Apply to only the selected channel of the STRIMER PLUS
Apply To All: Apply to the selected channels of all the STRIMER PLUS
Default: Set the selected STRIMER PLUS back to default effect.


Users can configure their L-Connect 3 experience to be either in Celsius or Fahrenheit or in a different language. Under the Device tab, users can quickly consult which controller is connected to their system. Under the Update tab, an auto-update detect function lets the user know if a new version of L-Connect is available, or if their UNI HUB features the latest version of the firmware. Without any complicated manipulations, users now have the ability to quickly keep their software and firmware up to date by the click of a button.

Setting - general

(A) General

Auto-Run on boot :
ON/ Run L-Connect 3 automatically on system reboot
OFF/ Run L-Connect 3 manually on system reboot

Minimize L-Connect 3 to system tray at close :
ON/ L-Connect 3 minimize to task bar when close
OFF/ Close L-Connect 3 when click close

Language :
English / Français / Deutsch / Español / 简体中文 / 繁體中文 

Temperature display :
Celsius / Fahrenheit


(B) Device
Display the detected device / firmware version
click the image to go to the product lighting effect setting page

Setting - Update

(C) Update
Auto notification for Update
ON/ Check updates automatically
OFF/ Check updates manually
check the software / firmware controller version and update / review version manually

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