Current version

L-Connect 3
V1.7.4 , Posted 11-01-2023

GA II LCD L-Connect 3
V2.0.16 , posted 06-28-2024

F/W Controller
SL : v1.8, Posted : 04-13-2022
AL : v1.7 , Posted : 04-12-2022
SL-INF : v1.4 , Posted : 07-19-2023
Strimer Plus V2 : v1.4 , Posted : 04-25-2022
SL V2 : v0.5 , Posted : 11-07-2022
AL V2 : v0.4 , Posted : 02-03-2023
GA II Trinity (R) : v0.7 , Posted : 07-19-2023
GA II Trinity (P) : v0.7 , Posted : 07-19-2023
GA II LCD : v0.9 , Posted : 11-14-2023
TL : v1.4 , Posted : 12-22-2023

L3 v2.0.16

Posted: 06-28-2024

  • Support Hydroshift LCD AIO

L3 v2.0.15

Posted: 06-14-2024

  • Optimize Editor Features

L3 v2.0.14

Posted: 06-04-2024

  • Update System Resource page to monitor CPU/ GPU power and voltage.
  • Add floating system information window (personalized dashboard)
  • Update software update page with progress bar of updating and checking
  • Fix GA II LCD error message when uploading the low resolution image
  • Adjust GA II LCD page wording display
  • Remove TL fan utility LCD Sensor Fan RPM temporary ( will add back in 2 weeks)

L3 v2.0.13

Posted: 04-02-2024

  • Fixed: UNI FAN TL LCD display sequence order.

L3 v2.0.11

Posted: 02-27-2024

  • Fixed software malfunction in multi-language systems.
  • Added: Default AIO pump speed at Quiet PWM mode.

L3 v2.0.10

Posted: 02-21-2024

  • Added: UNI FAN TL LCD screen recording and screenshot function.
  • Fixed: UNI FAN TL fan curve bug at fixed speed.
  • Fixed: Firmware update failure issue.
  • Improved: Speed up the action time for applying lighting effects.

L3 v2.0.9

Posted: 02-02-2024

  • Add: UNI FAN TL LCD group upload video/ photo function
  • Add: UNI FAN TL LCD group rotate screen functio
  • Add: New UNI FAN TL LCD sensor style

L3 v2.0.8

Posted: 01-25-2024

  • Add : PWM(quiet) option for GA II LCD
  • Fix : Reducing the time required to apply Uni Fan TL/TL LCD lighting effects to a single group.

L3 v2.0.7

Posted: 01-12-2024

  • Added : control single fan lighting effects
  • Able to update TL controller FW to 0.58 version in L-connect 3
  • Fixed : Trinity AIO missing MB sync function for both fan speed and lighting effects. 
  • Fixed : When MB lighting sync is selected, TL series fans’ lighting may be abnormal after system restart.
  • Fixed : Lighting brightness is not consistent under static color.
  • Fixed : Fan speed might be slow after system restart.

L3 v2.0.6-715fcf01

Posted: 12-27-2023

  • Added merge function across the same controller for a complete loop lighting effect.
  • Now able to set 2 side lighting effects for two light zones respectively.
  • Fixed TL LCD sensor display bugs.
  • Add page to control GA II Trinity (R) & (P)

L3 v2.0.6-2af51687

Posted: 12-21-2023

  • Add UNI FAN TL series control UI
  • Add TL LCD firmware update function, to fix memory function refer to guide

L3 v2.0.5

Posted: 11-29-2023

  • Bug Fix: System Information reading issue

L3 v2.0.4

Posted: 11-15-2023

  • Fix high CPU loading issue
  • Fix the pump speed memory issue

L3 v2.0.3

Posted: 11-08-2023

  • Fixed back-end service occasionally malfunctions at boot
  • Fix RPM setting not applied properly at boot, if facing this issue, please set the pump as PWM mode til next version.
  • Higher CPU usage at this version, will reduce at next version.

L3 v1.7.4

Posted: 11-01-2023

  • Fix static color light effect bug

L3 v1.6.30

Posted: 07-19-2023

  • Add Galahad II Trinity AIO interface
  • UNI FAN SL -INF add merge function (Need to update firmware)

L3 v1.6.9

Posted: 03-21-2023

  • Add AL V2
  • Fix Strimer Plus light effect issue at Quick Sync mode.
  • Fix restart fan speed issue when using multi-language.

L3 v1.6.0

Posted: 01-04-2023

  • Fix CPU temperature capture issue

L3 v1.5.18

Posted: 12-20-2022

  • Add support of UNI FAN SL-INF 140mm at Fan/ Pump page
  • Fix CPU temperature capture issue

L3 v1.5.16

Posted: 12-02-2022

  • Add a shortcut button to set the fan quantity under the fan lighting effect pages
  • Optimise fan size settings
  • Optimise Strimer Plus page
  • Fix issue of can’t exit system tray when exception occurs
  • Fix the rarely happened pop-up window

L3 v1.5.11

Posted: 11-15-2022

  • Add version number beneath the menu.
  • Fix error of L-Connect 3 not opperating when user name is Administrator, space, underline.
  • Update hints and multi-language.

L3 v1.5.9

Posted: 11-08-2022

  • Fix error of detecting device.

L3 v1.5.6

Posted: 10-27-2022

  • Add hardware information for System Specs – Intel 13th Gen and AM5 CPU and chipset.
  • Add hardware information for System Specs – NVIDIA 40 series GPU.
  • Add 120 or 140mm size option at Fan/ Pump RPM page for SL fans to obtain a real-time RPM curve.
  • Fan numbers setting move to Settings> Device to apply to all lighting effects.
  • Add merge function and replace the original sync lighting effect (eg. Meteor Sync/ Runway Sync).
  • Add UNI FAN SL V2 UI
  • No more User Account Control permissions on every restart.
  • Fix export and import function issue.
  • Fix Stack Multi Color UI.
  • Fix the error in UI.
  • Fix Static white color red LED at lower brightness.

L3 v1.3.16

Posted: 08-05-2022

  • Fix software at minimized and fan speed controlling issue.

L3 v1.3.10

Posted: 07-22-2022

  • firmware updated.
  • UNI FAN SL-INFINITY : Reveal fan speed on UI Port_1 while using ASUS motherboard. Please update to the latest version and connect 4 PIN PWM CABLE to FAN_1 Port on the motherboard. Please check your motherboard manual to find the location of FAN_1 Port.
  • Fix the issue of factory reset on reboot.

L3 v1.2.6

Posted: 06-16-2022

  • Manual update firmware tool: applicable to all update fails and old versions
  • The error of CPU & GPU temperature readings.
  • Fan speed controlling issue.
  • STRIMER PLUS lighting effect restart isssue.
  • Firmware update fix.
  • Improve lighting effect transiting lag.

L3 v1.1.9

Posted: 05-09-2022

  • Optimise GPU and CPU tempurature reading.
  • Fix system info display when motherboard sync is on.

L3 v1.1.4

Posted: 04-30-2022

  • Add Motherboard PWM Sync. ->Fan/Pump RPM
  • Improved precision of reading temperature.
  • Adding digital signature.
  • Recusing anti virus detecting malware.

L3 v1.0.7

Posted: 04-12-2022

F/W Update

Strimer Plus V2 : v1.4 , Posted: 04-25-2022

SL : v1.8 , Posted: 04-13-2022

  • Fixed a bug of the blue blink when clicking to name the device from Settings > Device.