L-Connect3 RGB and fan control in one go


To improve the stability of L-Connect 3, please download Microsoft’s Visual C++ Redistributable packages for Visual Studio.
The download links can be found here (please download both):

Current version: v2.0.16 Posted: 06/28/2024

Download L-Connect 3 v1.7.4
For Unifan Redragon edition


  1. Shall go to Setting to update controller firmware.(Update MB BIOS beforehand)
  2. If firmware update failed, please try update manually
  3. Please completely remove the old version to avoid interference with the new version.
    L-Connect 3 v1.X.X & L-Connect 2 remove guide / L-Connect 3 v2.X.X remove guide

Highlight Feature

Create Endless Possibility of RGB

Create Endless Possibility of RGB

Fully customize each part of ARGB for a highly personal gaming rig.

User Friendly Interface

User Friendly Interface

Simple and clean UI, intuitive user experience to access each product page.

Monitor at one stop

Monitor at one stop

Not only control all product lighting effects and fan speed but also view the status of your PC at once.


System Info

Review the hardware status in one-stop location, effectively control the speed.

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Fan/Pump RPM

Create a personalized fan and pump profile and define each fan curve for ultimate operation.

Personalized fan curve

Fan and pump speed operates according to the CPU or GPU temperature.

Fixed fan speed

Set the fan/pump speed to a fixed rate, without considering temperature or any other factors.


Pass the control of the fan speed to the motherboard. Make sure to set the relevant fan port to PWM mode in your BIOS settings.

Fan Speed
Start/ Stop

Features a Start/ Stop mode at the Fan / Pump Profile page to completely stop the fan when the CPU or GPU is running below your set temperature (the maximum 50°C), achieving minimal acoustic levels when the system is at low temperature. Applicable on UNI FAN SL-INF / SLV2 / ALV2 series.

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Quick/Sync Lighting

Apply lighting effects across all devices within one page, or sync all via motherboard software.

Independent Fan Utility

LED modes made up for each series of fans can be applied with its independent page, accomplishing personalized fan speed, color, and brightness with ease.

SL&SL V2 Fan Lighting
More than 10 LED modes glows sophisticating with the UNI FAN SL series.

AL & AL V2 Fan Lighting
Able to select LED mode for the fan blade and frame inner edge lighting effects separately or go with the built-in combined lighting effects for UNI FAN AL series.

SL Infinity Lighting
More options of LED mode to discover on the UNI FAN SL-INF series with the infinity mirrors.

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Merge Lighting Effects

Specially designed for a few lighting effects (with the merge icon), users can merge all the fans connecting to the same controller and create consistent lighting effects by turning on [Merge] in the Lighting Effects.
Each group of fans remains independent to control the Fan Profile.

Strimer Plus

Applying sophisticate lighting effects for Strimer Plus and Strimer Plus V2, highly costimisible with the combined and individual mode.

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Users can configure their L-Connect 3 experience to be either in Celsius or Fahrenheit or in a different language.

Users can quickly identify connected controllers and define fan cluster names and quantities. Furthermore, they can rearrange cluster orders to match merged lighting effects (only available for SLV2/ALV2 fans).

Without any complicated manipulations, users can easily update their software and firmware with a simple click.


Users can learn how to use L-Connect 3 by clicking on the hints.

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AIO cooler Utility
Configure the effect and preview the pump header’s status using its dedicated page.

Set Pump Header Lighting effect
Select LED modes separately for the pump header’s inner and outer rings or use built-in combined lighting effects for Galahad II Trinity series.

Extend ARGB device
Set the LED mode for the connected ARGB device, able to sync with the pump effect or individual customization.


Compatible Products

OS:Windows10、Windows 11